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BarbarQ is Launched and Featured Globally on App Store

A brand new real-time multi-player IO mobile game, BarbarQ, has just launched globally. Developed and published by Electronic Soul, this game also received the global feature on App Store today.BarbarQ is featured by pixel art style and savage characters, it offers 6-minute real-time battle in different modes – BarbarQ Arena, Dark Adventure and Traffic free AI mode.

One of the biggest features of BarbarQ is to encounter and fight with global savages. Players could randomly team up with other Barbarians from all over the world and fight against each other. The first introduced and exclusive 3v3v3 group fighting mode allows you to ally with other two savages and battle against other two teams.

Followed by the classic IO gameplay of real-time multi-player battle, limited map and resources and revival after death, players need to leverage your strategy in this 6-minute battle. Unlike other MOBA game, which could be 15 minutes or even more, BarbarQ wants to bring both quickie and thrilling battle experience to players. If you need Buy BarBarQ Gems, you can visit our site z2u.com.

In BarBarQ, players take control of barbarians as they wander randomized maps littered with collectibles, powerups, and—of course—other players. The goal in any particular match is to have your barbarian earn as many points as possible within a five minute match, but there are a couple different ways to pursue this goal.

The simplest way to increase your score in BarBarQ is by wandering the game map and picking up as many collectibles as possible, but this increases your score rather slowly. If you want to make quick jumps in your score, you can also attack and kill other players for a burst of points. No matter which method for point gain you choose, BarBarQ’s control scheme remains rather simple, using a standard set of virtual buttons to move, attack, and use powerups.