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Cities: Skylines is currently free to play all weekend on Steam

Cities: Skylines is a glorious city management simulation that has easily wrested control of the genre from Electronic Arts SimCity series.  Building deep cities with efficacious traffic patterns emerging from your strategy is something that never gets old, and the developer Colossal Order has done well in adding continued depth to the game with a series of expansions and DLC’s that push the boundaries of strategy and adaptation.

Something that should be pointed out prior to continuing is that Colossal Order brings features to everyone with new expansions, so owners that only have the base game also continue to benefit from their continued benevolence, regardless of if they’re willing to continue to fork over the cash to get specific functions.  This practice is unfortunately rare, and consumers would be wise to get behind such developers to stymie the nickel-and-diming that has become ever-more lucrative for developers.

Cities: Skylines has, of course, been around the block a few times by this point; it initially launched in 2015, where it successfully managed to capitalise on the less-than-stellar reception of 2014's SimCity, attracting players looking for a more robust set of city building options - even if Eurogamer contributor Daniel Starkey felt it lacked its own identity on release. And if you want to buy Cities Skylines Steam CD Key, visit z2u.com, a professional online in-game currency store.

Since then, Cities: Skylines has received a heap of new content in the form of both free and paid updates, significantly expanding the core experience, with today's fishing-themed Sunset Harbour update bringing the total number of major paid expansions to nine - and that's not counting publisher Paradox Interactive's various bits of music and cosmetic DLC.

Beyond that, this weekend is a fantastic opportunity for those that have yet to pick up Cities: Skylines to dip their proverbial toes in the water, and see what the game has to offer.  Steams free weekend has already begun, and the opportunity will close on Sunday, November 11th.