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Dual Universe has just opened a public test server

Novaquark have announced that a new PTS environment for their space-faring MMO, Dual Universe is now open.  The server, which went live , is meant to test new features and builds before they go live to the main game. All subscribers to the MMO, as well as Alpha backers have access to the PTS.

The public test server is therefore fully intended to "test" the next update of the MMO: testers should therefore expect malfunctions or wipes (resets), and this test server is not intended to remain open only as long as necessary for the tests (it has just opened these doors and the Novaquark teams plan to close it on March 2, subject to the evolution of the tests, while waiting to perhaps reopen it later for future updates). In return for these inconveniences, the curious will be able to discover the updates a little in advance and especially to contribute constructively to the improvement of the patches to come - in particular by reporting bugs and malfunctions on a forum dedicated to PTS.

“It’s important to note that PTS is solely for testing purposes,” explains the announcement. “We’d like to manage expectations that updates to the PTS may include feature prototypes and gameplay changes that may not ever come to the Live server. Updates will be unpolished. There will be no Customer Support. The server may be offline for extended periods, wiped or taken offline without advanced notice.”

Of course, the Dual Universe Public Test Server is a hub of prototype features, meaning players shouldn’t expect polished products. The trade-off for getting to try things out first is that they’re often far from perfect, so if you prefer a glossy gameplay experience then perhaps the PTS is not for you. Plus it’s worth noting that the server may be taken offline at a moment’s notice or completely wiped, so don’t get too settled. On the flip-side, having immediate access to new content will afford players the chance to formulate strategies surrounding the new changes before its final rollout. Should certain features also require a specific amount of equipment or resources, then PTS players may be given the resources for the sake of ease. So, you know, free stuff.

You can download the PTS, as well as check out the full details from the Dual Universe website.

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