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Escape From Tarkov Will Rework Interchange to Meet Player Demands

Escape From Tarkov's expansive Interchange map is getting completely reworked in an upcoming patch. Given that the popular FPS/MMO has been in beta for the last three years, players should of course expect regular changes as par for the course. Even so, it looks like the overhauled version of Interchange will probably take some adjusting to for veteran players.

Developer Battlestate Games didn't elaborate on what changes exactly were coming to the map, which is essentially made up of one sprawling shopping centre, a nearby car park and some wooded areas. However, PCGamesN noticed that entirely new exfil points (extraction points) are being added to the map, which means an entirely new set string of escape routes for players to get used to.

Given that committing exits to memory is really rather important if you're banking on exploring Interchange and actually getting out with any loot you gather up, this is set to be a pretty big change for more seasoned players. Of course, I don't doubt that those who are really serious about Escape From Tarkov will have the new exits and strategies worked out in no time at all. If you want to Buy EFT Bitcoin, I think z2u.com is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it's very safe.

Along with the rework of Interchange, version 0.12.4 will introduce some new systems to the gritty realistic shooter. Characters can now suffer from fatigue, which will happen if a player spends too much time with their stamina depleted. Players suffering from fatigue will use up energy much faster, and will be unable to sprint, jump, or climb over obstacles as quickly as normal. The stamina system is also being split into two halves: players will have separate leg and arm stamina to keep track of. Leg stamina will be consumed by running and jumping, while arm stamina depletes by doing things like aiming and throwing grenades.

Another significant change coming to Escape From Tarkov in 0.12.4 is an increased level requirement for the flea market. Normally, players could access the in-game auction house as soon as their PMC reached level 5. Once the patch goes live, you’ll need your PMC at level 15 before you can use it. That’s caused some controversy on Tarkov’s forums and subreddit, but the consensus seems to be that it’ll be a good change that helps keep banned/cash farming accounts at bay.