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Fallout 76 is the Earliest Game in the Fictional Fallout Timeline

Fallout 76 is not a soulless game, and there have been moments during my over 40 hours with it when its atmospheric beauty and pervading sense of despair profoundly affected me. Yet there have been many more moments during which its insipid quests and tedious item scavenging felt like a time-wasting struggle.
Fallout 76's launch has been bad. Both fans and critics are disappointed with the game's lack of content and game-breaking bugs. Feel free to surf to our weblog: FO76 Caps. During the beta, we explored too much and broke the main storyline, forcing me to roll a new character when the game launched. It's easy to cheat and gain infinite money and experience. One player's character bugged out and became invincible. Servers disconnect frequently. That's just a partial list of issues.
The constant need for ammo, meds and weapon repairs overshadows everything else and what little encouragement the game provides towards building a team and base camp making use of all those scavenged materials is not well supported by the game's mission structure. Not only is the game a lot of busy work, it expects you to be self motivated about it too.
The World of Fallout 76
Unfortunately, many of the other Black Titanium locations locations are in extremely dangerous areas. If you're bold, Black Titanium can be pulled off the corpses of Legendary Deathclaws on the river island north of the Mothman Museum. Naturally, that means that the beasts must first be killed. For low level players, that's going to be a tall order. These are not massive changes, but they range from quality of life improvements to at least giving players faith the game is moving in the right direction.
Welcome to the world of Fallout 76, developed by Bethesda for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, where your character is one of the lucky residents of Vault 76, a massive underground fallout shelter located in the Appalachian region of the US and designed to protect its inhabitants from the nuclear Armageddon of World War III.
Seemingly every moment with this game is plagued by significant, noticeable problems. Glitches of varying intensity are routine. Quest lines occasionally hit invisible snags and fail to progress. Your progress can be undone with no warning, for reasons outside of your control. Every menu and system in the game is not just unrefined but actively hostile to amicable interactions. For weeks, we have been unable to play the game without it eventually crashing.
We think, with both of those, it sounds like people have claims. People would have liked to have known that they couldn't get a refund. They also would have liked to have known about the serious playability problems they have. Particularly for paying a premium of $60. To pay that amount of money and receive this in exchange, it seems like it's a good claim.
Ultimately Fallout 76, with its wildly unfocused split between crafting, survival and MMO, strikes me as not knowing what kind of game it really wants to be. And while that feeling may be in part because refuse to identify these features as the series's new normal, in the end,Fallout 76 also spends too much time chasing a trend to remain faithful to the basis for its original appeal.