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Far Cry New Dawn is Shockingly Similar to Far Cry 5

It's the strongest addition to the series in a while, as it gives the game a sense of purpose and progression in amongst all the shooting, clambering, driving and animal-slaughtering. Everything can be upgraded by gathering Ethanol, the world's main currency, which is won through completing story and side missions. There are some more fluid ways to gain Ethanol, too, such as capturing the supply tankers that drive about Hope County, or replaying Outposts at a higher difficulty. Again, it's all simple stuff, but an improvement on the unfocused sprawl of Far Cry 5.
New Dawn, unlike a lot of post-apocalyptic games, is bright and colorful and has a kick ass soundtrack featuring artists like Run the Jewels and Die Antwoord. A post-nuclear super bloom of pink verbena litters the world. It's a joy to move around, and I felt like a god running through the game world, shrugging off damage, and, later, using super powers to float through the air and turn invisible. Every moment of the game is geared towards making the player feel superhumanly powerful, and I felt it in every snapped neck and crushed larynx. Video games are often power fantasies, but New Dawn takes this to the extreme. If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to use Far Cry New Dawn Credits, you can get hold of us at our own web page.
Following the cinematic you'll be looking at the chapel's main door. If you can spot Lou (the twin with the flamethrower), tag her and give Horatio the order to attack. He will attack her until she downs him, but because you've unlocked the Pig's Endurance perk, he will revive himself and get back into the fight. He is a pain in her butt and will remain one while you work. Once the fire has died down and Horatio is busy messing with Lou, start tracking her down as well. Keep the huts between you and Mickey but walk Lou down and open up with the Blunderbuss MG42 LMG. It will chew through her health. Focus on her head as much as possible for critical hits, and then take cover to reload when empty. Remember there is an ammo refill crate close to the main entrance of the chapel, so top up if you're low.

The folks at Ubisoft Montreal have clearly been spending some hours dropping into Titled Towers, as there are some unusual Fortnite-style elements here that feel out of place. Supply boxes drop in at random, and you can stand next to them, holding a button until you snaffle their contents. However, there's something altogether more sinister creeping in Far Cry New Dawn and no its not that rainbow turkey. We're used to seeing microtransactions in Free To Play games, and of course they often make their way into Premium products too, but rarely this brazenly.
For all of New Dawn's bright aesthetics, the game suggests that violence will always reign. Even after the old world is destroyed by its violent ways, only a bloodthirsty superhuman can survive in the new one. We're stuck in a haunting, endless loop from which no one will escape. There is no hope here, only varying degrees of suffering and oppression for everyone who isn't the player.