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Four features of MapleStory M Introduced Which Let you Return to the Classic Adventure

The international version of Maple Story M has been launched on Android and iOS for more than two weeks. And this game also broke through 5 million downloads in this short period of time. Really gratifying. And then, we will talk about MapleStory M to attract players to play some of the features of this game. Let's take a look.
Restore Original style, Simplify Game System
First of all, MapleStory M restores the original design style of Meng Q, using the cute two-headed body as the style of the game characters. In addition, players can move through the virtual joystick and fight and release cool cool skills. we don't know if these elements have already made you want to relive the moment when you played MapleStory M.
In order to take care of the office workers and casual players, MapleStory M has also made some simplifications in game navigation and upgrades. In the previous PC version of MapleStory, it may take several hours to upgrade a Level. But in MapleStory M, you can get it up to 40 Level in one day. If you liked this short article and you would like to get even more information concerning Cheap MapleStory M Currency kindly go to the internet site. In addition, players can also manually or automatically blame.It is very convenient.

The Previous MapleStory


Multiple Challenge Tasks, One Button to Enter
In the previous MapleStory, if players want to challenge different Dungeons, they have to go to different locations and different locations to enter the challenge maze! But in MapleStory M, you don't have to worry about it.Whether it's Daily Dungeon, Elite Dungeon, Mini Dungeon or Nett's Pyramid, you can enter with a single button. Therefore, players can quickly capture different equipment, gems or rare props through this function, and also can carry out the maze challenge battle with friends. In other words, your favorite labyrinth is Nett’s Pyramid, which is mainly defensive. It’s really exciting to defend the monster army with friends.
Cool and Disguised in the Cash Shop
If the players want to dress up their own game characters, there is absolutely no problem. Because the Cash Shop in the game is ready for players, and there are custom accessories to let the players dress up. Whether it's a handsome jacket, a cute sailor suit, a hip hop suit, etc., it's included in this game.
In addition, players can also change the hairstyle and face of the character according to their own preferences, in order to make your character more beautiful and handsome. In addition, a variety of different pets are also available for you to choose from, such as the cute mushroom Kino, mini Yeti, the monkey like Monkey King, and the little sheep Puffram. We really want to take them all home.
Strong Boss Still Exists Waiting for your Challenge
Although players can upgrade quickly in the game, this does not mean that you think the game is easy to play, no challenge. Because, MapleStory M also has a super powerful Boss-Zakum waiting for you to challenge. We believe that we have played MapleStory and know that Zakum, which is known as Avalokitesvara, has very strong strength, but needs to organize a very average team to attack it.
In the game, it releases powerful meteorites, poisonous gas, icicles and other powerful attacks to ruin the players. We only slightly attacked it, it immediately responded, Xiaobian immediately GG, so sad to say. Therefore, players must unite with other players, install reliable equipment, and prepare for everything to start challenging.