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Full Copy Guides of Summoners War Sky Arena And Practical Comprehensive Analysis

There are a total of 9 levels in the main line mission. After the normal break, a light and dark summoning reel will be sent. The 1-2 level is basically no big problem, and the boss in the third level may be stuck. The boss of this level is the wind attribute and will shield the shield. Basically, if you want to kill the boss, it will usually become boss to kill you.
This will be stuck because the fire hell dog is attributed to the gram, and your wind wandering knight is too unpopular to fight the boss, you will find the importance of upgrading the rune, blessing the rune is a good thing to remember First, play a set, solve the method of awakening the knight, or use the good friend to help, but here you can prepare to brush the water bear, 4-1 to get the brush, but not too good.

Star Water Hall


The boss of the wind attribute, the fire hell dog is also used. This is the direct fire hell dog plus the fire base friend directly sent boss back to the village, at this time you will be upgraded because of the fourth level of baptism.
This will kill 2 stars of fire bears, but also full of easy to fall, you can play some skills to practice Feng. At this point, please start to brush 2 Star Water Hall, because it is basically not too difficult to get 2 stars, after the brush is awakened and the wind is a magic spirit the romantic knight said that it is finally my turn to play and the water fairy With a good wind attribute friend, it is basically very easy, boss will be a mob, but you should kill him before he resurrects the second mob, if not, please increase the attack power.
In the fourth level, there is not much to go to the giants of the underground city to brush some useful runes. If you liked this short article and you would like to get even more information concerning Summoners War Sky Arena Accounts kindly go to the internet site. Brushing the second level of the giant is the most effective for the novice, and has the opportunity to brush 3-5 star reels, 1-3 stars of orange.
Rune and Purple Rune, by the way, practice 2 stars of the small branch to become 3 stars to make materials, as long as 2 main magic spirits can drag 3 together to practice, although the experience value is very small, or the copy after you want to play is very Need a good rune, basically the rune here is strengthened to 6, it is not a fortification of 4 stars or more is too waste, here you have been completely broken.
Randy is the main attacker of the fire system. He is good at single output and the whole team attack BUFF. The characteristics are exactly the same as that of the Fire Dog. But the property growth is not as close as the Fire Hell Dog. Randy's defense growth is higher and surviving. The rate is also stronger, and the applicability in the arena or dungeon is stronger than that of the Fire Dog. It can completely replace the role of the Fire Dog.