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Genshin Impact will add a new character in Zhongli

Genshin Impact Accounts Genshin Impact has turned out to be a blockbuster hit of the year attracting millions of players around the world. The sudden explosion of this free-to-play RPG can mainly be attributed to its unique gameplay design robust roster of interesting characters and elemental combat system.

Zhongli is one of the new playable characters in the 1.1 update for Genshin Impact. Featured heavily in the Liyue portion of the main story Zhongli is a 5-star character who wields polearms in battle. He's also a Geo user capable of petrifying enemies and causing AoE damage. Although Zhongli is already going to be one of the best characters in the game he can get even stronger with the right character build.

Genshin Impact

Before meeting the characters you should know that this new banner will replace the current one from Tartaglia. When will that happen? On Monday November 30. Wow the same day you get paid ... what a coincidence Cheap Genshin Impact Accounts right?

Zhongli is a quiet reserved and educated man who knows a lot about the history and culture of Liyue. He has very philosophical ideas about money and has great respect for the Liyue traditions even the traditions that have long since faded. Zhongli also highly values ​​contracts and seems to dislike lying avoiding questions that he does not want to answer instead of lying to the Traveler.

Judging by his abilities it seems like Zhongli will be a strong DPS Geo character that can pair well with other Geo characters like Ningguang and Noel. The combination of the duo has already proven to be great. The addition of Zhongli to that equation can make the dream team of Geos a strong possibility.

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