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Grounded has debuting a new Perks system

Grounded Game Steam Obsidian Entertainment’s Grounded has been on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview for about a month now turning heads on Steam in particular where it became a best-seller overnight. And the four-player cooperative survival/base-building game’s burgeoning community has spent the past weeks exploring the game’s uniquely bizarre world — a suburban backyard as viewed from the perspective of one of four shrunken-down teenagers.

Grounded has been another smash hit for Xbox Game Studios and Xbox Game Pass which is great to hear considering that the project was in development even before Microsoft acquired Obsidian. It would be entirely understandable if Microsoft wanted to cut the project loose and focus the team on one big premiere later on down the line. That may have happened in the past but the Game Pass strategy has afforded Microsoft and its developers more free reign to explore smaller titles that could blossom into the next big them. In an industry just as often dominated by games like Fall Guys as games like Call of Duty you never know where the next blockbuster title may come from.

The first major addition to the game is a "Perks" system. Players will be able to select up to three perks (out of a total of 13) to mutate their character and give them an edge in trying to survive the terrors of the backyard.

A lot of the game’s cohesion comes from the familiarity of the setting. A suburban backyard should be familiar to just about everyone so while the warped scale of the landscapes makes the game world wondrous to a certain extent everything you see in the game should look immediately recognizable and of our world which was important for the developers to get right.

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