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How to Access the Far Cry New Dawn Expeditions

Once you reach the end of the route, Nick will indicate another boatshed for you to stop the Carmina in. Once you do, you'll get to watch a cutscene of Nick's happy reunion with Kim and Carmina back at Prosperity. After that, Nick will be unlocked as a Specialist and take up residence in Prosperity's garage. You'll also gain access to the Carmina flightless seaplane if you want to use it again. Once that first upgrade is complete, Roger will speak to you and explain Expeditions in more detail. You can choose to set out from the in-game menu whenever you want; simply choose your destination and Roger will take you there. Note that you can bring your Guns-for-Hire with you.
The main issue, though, is that New Dawn gets away from the structure that made Far Cry 5 so memorable. In the previous game, your main goal was simply to create as much mayhem as possible, forcing the cult leaders to confront you. This meant that nearly everything you did felt like it was tied to the narrative, whether that was explicit story missions or side activities like blowing up oil tankers or razing farms. Diversions had a purpose.
It doesn't help that there's no tangible sense of growth with weapons and vehicle crafting; New Dawn's selection of guns and cars isn't dramatically different enough between ranks to make the large distinction in damage output believable. Rank 1 weapons are a varied suite of handguns, rifles, and shotguns, and higher-rank arsenals are basically defined by the increasing amount of duct tape and junk on that same suite, as if that stuff has magical properties that makes the guns perform better. There are lots of guns to choose from, but if you've played Far Cry 5 you'll immediately recognize them, duct tape or no.
This is a very quick and easy way to procure 75 Ethanol. Your enemies will randomly spawn at random locations with Trucks that have Ethanol Tanks. Take down the driver, however ensure you don't shoot the tank, otherwise it will explode. The game will drop supply drops at random places. This is indicated by the yellow smoke coming out from it. However, your enemies will also want to procure it so ensure you loot it before you get into a fight with them.
Expeditions are a brand new feature for the Far Cry series in Far Cry New Dawn, allowing players to travel beyond the borders of Hope County. If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to use FCND Credits, you can get hold of us at our own web page. Each of the Far Cry New Dawn Expeditions will take you to a different site somewhere beyond Hope County; a Highwaymen Stronghold. You'll need to get in, find a special resource package, and then escape by helicopter before the Highwaymen swarm you. Once you start one of the Far Cry New Dawn Expeditions, Roger will drop you off near to a Highwaymen Stronghold in the new area. This base of operations is much larger than the Outposts you'll see in Hope County, and has more Highwaymen guards. Before you set off, be sure to replenish your ammo and reassign your weapons at either of the yellow boxes on the back of the helicopter.