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Kakao Games is expanding the soft launch of Guardian Tales

Kakao Games is expanding the soft launch of Guardian Tales. Starting today, in the ramp-up to a global launch, Guardian Tales is now available in Argentina, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, and New Zealand.

The newly added regions are paving the way for the global launch of the game. After being playable in Canada since April, the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Numerous updates have already been made and more are currently in progress to incorporate the feedback received from Canadian players.

Guardian Tales is a pixel art, top-down, action-adventure game in which players dive into dungeons as part of an epic quest. But since it is dangerous to go alone, players can also collect various helpers to assist them in combat. Using charming pixel art graphics and challenging players through complex puzzles and challenging boss fights, Guardian Tales will also see players explore a wide range of different worlds that pay homage to the rich history of video games that inspired the developers to create the game. Furthermore,You can buy cheap Guardian Tales Diamonds at z2u.com by using the code “Z2U” for a 3% discount.

On the other hand, publisher Kakao Games mentions that with the increased focus on mobile games, and after following the success of Black Desert Online, they are aiming to be an all-round publishing company in the western markets. Their focus is to bring games of all classes to customers in the European and North American markets.

As far as the release dates are concerned, neither the developers nor the publishers have confirmed a date for a worldwide release. However, Guardian Tales will release in 2020, so we expect it to launch sometime later this year.