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Marvel Duel was able to be played on smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems

If you're unfamiliar with Marvel Duel it's a card battler where players will be able to assemble their deck with cards that feature over 150 characters from the globally popular franchise. It promises fast-paced gameplay and in-depth strategy that lies in discovering the best synergies between different cards.

As opposed to our last report that it's a card battler, it turns out that NetEase has changed its mind and opted for an auto-battler instead (like Auto-Chess and Dota Underlords). It will still have more than 150+ Marvel characters from different universes, but now you play it on a chess table.

There is no word yet when this game will be released globally. Just like the Marvel Super War game, still made by NetEase, it seems that they are quite satisfied with only releasing games in certain regions.

For those who live in the area, there will be many bonuses up for grabs if you pre-register for the Marvel Duel game ahead of its release depending on certain criteria. For example, the first 100,000 registrants will be given a Rename Chip, the first 500,000 registrants will be rewarded with 10 General Expansion Packs for each person.

The advanced deck-building system offers players countless strategies to explore, as there is always more than one way to achieve victory. You can apply different Iron Man suits to deal with different situations, use a chain of trap cards to lure your enemy to their doom, or even cast powerful ability upon your opponent to seal their defeat. Play your way and forge your own path to victory!   

MARVEL Duel also features exciting 3D multiplayer combat and stunning in-game visuals. Additionally, MARVEL Duel offers exquisite card design accompanied by unique, rendered 3D models. Marvel characters from across 80 years of comics will leap into battle with their amazing abilities and 3D combat effects!

Whoever is a fan of Marvel heroes is about to win another title that shows several characters within a strategy game in card format, which will be able to be played on smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems.

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