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New Season of Conquerors Blade Scourge of Winter Released

MY.GAMES and developer Booming Games announce that Season VI: Scourge of Winter is now available in Conqueror’s Blade. Players of the popular medieval MMO can travel to the Ostaria region, where a new enemy has claimed the frozen lands of the North. Against all odds and through the cold winter, heroes from across the known world must join forces. They will face the harsh conditions of the worst winter in living memory and take back the North from the troops of darkness. The terrifying army of Defilers, led by the legendary Winter Scourge, must be defeated.

In Season VI: Scourge of Winter, the Warlords will face these challenges:
A story between good and evil makes its way in the new campaign of the season. In Season VI: Scourge of Winter, a terrifying horde known as the Defilers has attacked the North. They move under the cover of the frozen darkness of winter and follow the orders of the Scourge of Hell. A legendary villain, whose unrelenting anger is famous for tormenting entire regions, from winter to spring. As the survivors of their brutal assaults flee south, an alliance of heroes is desperately formed to fight terror and free the region from catastrophe.

The cold region of Ostaria is a wonderful area, but dangerous. Caught in a terrible winter, the Warlords must battle snowstorms as they move through the region. The dynamic weather system offers a total change during Season VI, with a new level of immersion in the world of Conqueror’s Blade. Additionally, as the season progresses, PvE content will offer rewards to Defenders of the North.

This new evil is a challenge for the best soldiers. Players must bring their most prepared units, with which they will get promotions to face the Defilers. Complete Unit Challenges in Season VI to promote your units to the ranks of Lansquenetes, Armigero Spearmen, and Liao Rangers.

Defeat Defilers and take on new seasonal challenges in Season VI to unlock more than 100 premium rewards, including the Redeemer Outfit for Heroes. Starting today, the Season VI Battle Pass can be pre-ordered in-game to kick off the mighty Defiler Outfit for Heroes.

The North finds itself under attack from not only the Desecrators, but the longest and most severe winter ever. Dynamic weather conditions bring even greater immersion to the world of Conqueror’s Blade, as you’ll battle through light flurries and fierce snowstorms in your campaign across the Ostaria region.

Face the Desecrators and tackle new Seasonal Challenges throughout Season VI to unlock over 100 Free and Premium rewards, ranging from useful items to powerful weapons, and season-exclusive Attire. Get the Battle Pass to instantly unlock the imposing Desecrator’s Hero Attire, and ascend its Tiers to earn the Redeemers’ Unit Attire, a Scourge of Winter Weapon Box, the ultimate Archon Hero Attire at Tier 100, and so much more.

In addition to a brand-new campaign, new units can be promoted to the ranks of players’ armies, and a Battle Pass bursting with heroic rewards invites warlords to fight for them all. Fresh PvE content is also coming later this month, where the bravest warlords must retake dangerous marauder encampments found throughout the ruins of Ostaria, and rebuild them for glory and exclusive spoils.

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