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New World reached the mark of 200 thousand simultaneous players

Looks like Amazon may finally have a hit game on their hands! The ‘New World‘ reached the mark of 200 thousand simultaneous players. With Closed Beta started on the last 20th, the title gained dozens of new servers to handle the high flow of players - since less than 24 hours after launch, the MMO already registered peaks of more than 190,000 players at the same time. Over the weekend, however, the record was broken.

As you can see in the above screenshot from Twitch on July 20, New World was sitting pretty with just under 700,000 total viewers at around 4 PM EST/1 PM PST. This was more than Warzone, LoL, and Fortnite combined — not too bad at all for a game’s closed beta.

How to access the New World beta
The first thing to note is that it is a closed beta, not an open one. That means that accessing it is not as simple as downloading the game and playing. In order to play the closed beta of 'New World' we can do several things:
  • 1. Pre-order the game through Amazon. There are two editions, Standard (39.99 euros) and Deluxe (49.99 euros). In both cases we will receive a Steam key and access to the beta within 48 hours.
  • 2. Pre-order the game on Steam. The same two editions, Standard (39.99 euros) and Deluxe (49.99 euros), but with immediate access to the beta.
  • 3. Try your luck on the game's website. There we can sign up with our Amazon account and, if we are lucky, they will send us the invitation. Guests will be selected randomly.

It is unclear if the project will be able to retain players and increase performance after a full release. However, this result already looks better than Amazon's past attempts to gain a foothold in the gaming market. For example, the peak online disastrous shooter Crucible reached only 25 thousand people. In October last year, Amazon decided to close the project altogether.

Is ‘New World’ Amazon's first hit?
Truth be told: ‘New World’ appears to be Amazon Games' first hit after a string of failures. In October 2020, for example, the company canceled the multiplayer action game 'Crucible' – five months after release. The reason? Lack of players.

As early as 2021, in April, ‘Lord of the Rings’ (MMO based on the ‘Lord of the Rings’ book franchise) was also discontinued. Even 'New World' was even postponed three times.

On the other hand, as reported in 3DJuegosPC, the game has taken a more classic approach and less focused on PvP. The starting city will be Windsward and we will have battlefields of ten players against ten players and dungeons.

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