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OSRS provides the opportunity to unlock the gates to the vampyric city of Darkmeyer

Old School RuneScape Gold RuneScape will be available on Steam starting October 14. However the Old School version will not appear on the platform until the beginning of 2021. Customized membership packs and achievements are offered through Steam. A dedicated support team maintains the Community Hub for Steam users. Weekly announcements guides articles artwork and videos appear in this hub.

The world of Old School RuneScape has grown once again today with the launch of Darkmeyer. This new content release features a dramatic quest – Sins of the Father – which provides the opportunity to unlock the gates to the vampyric city of Darkmeyer.

Old School RuneScape

The new content will feature a new quest called Sins of the Father giving you the chance to unlock the gates to the vampiric city of Darkmeyer. Details for the quest include it taking you along a long-running storyline that sees freedom fighters the Myreque attempt to free the dark Cheap OSRS Gold swamplands of Morytania from the evil grasp of feared vampyre leader Lord Drakan.

The vampyre city of Darkmeyer contains new shops amenities enemies and skilling methods including a Hallowed Sepulchre agility course and an Essence Mine which allows you to train your Runecrafting skill utilising the mineral deposits in Darkmeyer.

“The Myreque is a dramatic storyline and one which is close to many players’ hearts. It is one of the oldest and longest quest series in game and players have enjoyed unravelling the history of the vampyres and the elusive Lord Drakan. As always we have collaborated closely with the Old School RuneScape community throughout the development of Darkmeyer with an emphatic vote of ~90% of 55,000+ polled players backing the quest.”

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