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Path of Exile How to Level Up Fast: Best Way to Power Leveling in POE

What is the max level on Path of Exile? Can you power level in Poe? How do you level up fast in POE? If you want to find answer, then you just need to follow this short article at Z2U.com.


The more the merrier
The biggest mistake I see new players make when they start leveling in Path of Exile is that they stop to kill every single mob. Don’t do that. Run around the map(toward your quest objective, not just aimlessly) until you have at least four to five mobs on your tail. Then turn around and demolish them. This simple strategy will lead to you outleveling your “whack-a-mole” friends by a ratio of two to one.
Hitting and running, the best strategy to gain experience
Depending on the map you are on, there may be a few hostile monsters or entire hordes of them. Your goal, at least in the first levels, is to kill as many as possible. The more you kill, the more experience. At the moment you don't need to look for bosses to scratch XP. Therefore, combat the lump. Find the place with the highest concentration of monsters and hit there. This gives you an additional advantage, such as farming objects and money to buy and sell new and more powerful items. Of course, remember to run as fast as possible when you have done it or you will be a dead man.
Playing in Groups
Playing in groups can make leveling much faster and easier. As you make level in Path of Exile, you can create or join groups through Noticeboard located in each of the towns throughout the game. Grouping with other players will increase enemy difficulty but will also increase amount of loot enemies’ drops. Leveling up in groups will also give you access to other players’ auras, buffs and ability diversity.
Use unique items for leveling up fast
When you are leveling up a new character in Path of Exile, certain unique items can make that process a whole lot smoother. ment. Tabula Rasa: This is extremely powerful for leveling up because it gives you a 6-link where you can put 5 support gem onto your main damage dealer. Wanderlust: A pair of boots that gives increased mana regen, and have a flat 20 % movement speed increase, which is amazing when going trough the main story three times in a row. Can be used at level 3, so pick it up early.
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