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Royal Crown is a top-down battle royale game with an art style

Royal Crown is a top-down battle royale game with an art style that makes it look a bit like a MOBA title and some interesting crafting. The game itself is kind of weird in that you parachute down like you do in a normal game with the WASD keys but once you land it switches to a fixed camera where you move by right clicking on the ground with a mouse.

Players will be summoned to the world of fantasy battle royale RPG where only the strongest survive. You’ll start your journey in a land of fairy-tale fantasy with dazzling landscapes and exciting adventure! Royal Crown at its core is a battle royale, but it brings new mechanics and gameplay to the table. It’s not be-the-last-man-standing and gets that chicken dinner shtick anymore. Other than the usual gathering of gears, you’ll also need to formulate your own tactic, use the environment and make it work out in your favor, and only then can you be the last man standing!

Royal Crown is LINE Games’ first available multi-platform title that has cross-play support between mobile devices and PC. The user interface design has been tailored to each platform for an enhanced play experience.

Nicely, and according to the Royal Crown's streamlined approach, you can pick up anything from a chest, or a fallen enemy, or a loot drop, with a single touch, and the game will automatically equip the equipment that is better than yours and ignore the rest. No time to compare gear stats in the heat of battle.

I think the big draw with Royal Crown is in its fast-paced action combat. The time to kill is more like a MOBA than a battle royale where you can get shot in the head and die instantly. You have more leeway and opportunity to move around, work your crowd control moves, and escape if you need to. A lot of the gameplay seems to be focused around ambushing and stunning as you also have to deal with line of sight and fog of war limiting what you can see at any time. If you are in a building facing the wall you are not going to see much.

Game features:
  •     Struggle to the end to become the final survivor in this fantasy battlefield. Aim for victory by jumping into battles or, you have the choice to hide in bushes to avoid powerful enemies and look for an opportune moment to strike. You can also cut down trees to create new paths or ambush enemies by predicting their routes! Take advantage of your surroundings to make the battle for survival more dynamic!
  •     15 unique classes to choose from to create unique battle strategies! Go solo or make a team of 3 own the zone with class synergy and attributes! There are multiple ways of fighting and surviving depending on the characteristics of the team. Become the true champions of the battleground with the best team play!
  •     Enough with boring battles and tedious farming! You and the other players aren’t the only ones in this world. Find hidden items spread across the zone, or hunt field monsters to gain experience and become stronger! Collect and cook food ingredients together, cut down trees, mine ores, and even make items that give you an edge in battle! And beware of the legendary dragon that lies in rest, once it wakes you will face it detests.

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