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Super Animal Royale really finds the fun and time to laugh with itself

In an ever-expanding genre of Battle Royale games, what makes Super Animal Royale stand out against the competition? With PlayerUnkown Battlegrounds, Call of Duty’s Blackout mode, and Fortnite already dominating the scene, what does Super Animal Royale offer that will entice players to give it a go. Currently, on offer for under a tenner on Steam, Super Animal Royale is a Battle Royale game that features weapon-wielding furry animals roaming about a 2D environment. In typical Battle Royal fashion, you’re one of 64 player-animals air-dropped into an island warzone, where the end goal is to kill the other animals until you’re the last remaining survivor.

Each match starts with an airdrop over lush surroundings. Scrambling for a weapon, even though you’re handed a default sword, is priority one. Then the fun begins. Very much a situation of “you can run but you can’t hide”, Super Animal Royale will undoubtedly get you growling at the monitor as you begin to hunt down the cutest set of enemies in any death match situation ever..

The community around this game seems small, but friendly and open. The waiting room usually devolves into a little dance party and amusing shenanigans. I asked what users thought of the game thus far in between sessions. Text bubbles disappear too quickly for screencaps sometimes, but the general consensus was that Super Animal Royale is easy to jump into, simple yet fun, and easy to spend hours playing. I personally found the gameplay loop satisfying enough to spent nearly two hours on it my first time, despite never really breaking past the last five players left alive. It’s an adorable, inviting death match. Wait times are minimal and it’s just good, simple fun, no nonsense or soft sells. The developers know how to handle an early access game and it has impressive polish and UI design for something still technically in beta form.

There are tons of animals to choose from and players also have a wealth of clothing options to adorn them with. Under “customize” you’ll find all the characters you’ve unlocked as well as shirts, hats, glasses, ties, weapon skins and emotes you can equip. There are so many different cosmetic items you can unlock and equip it is absolutely insane and I’d wager it’s only a matter of time until additional customization options are added. Couple not only the different animal breeds but also the different animal variations with the plethora of clothing items which are unlocked at a fairly steady clip (at random, post game) and you’ve got multiple options for even the most choosy of gamers.

 Super Animal Royale

Super Animal Royale really finds the fun and time to laugh with itself in every way possible. There’s something to be said about a game that commits to its humour in the way that this safari death fest does. It’s hilarious and will bring a big smile to your face, but doesn’t cut corners with the actual gameplay and how very well-tuned it all is.

Super Free Edition (formerly Super Demo) is an unlimited free version of the game that players can play to "try before they buy". Progression earned while playing will carry over to a purchased copy of the game, should the player decide to buy the full version. Progression includes earned XP, Animal DNA and Super Serum, as well as any unlocked cosmetics. Now you can buy Super Animal Royale Super Edition at z2u.com, cheap price, Here you can buy Super Animal Royale Super Edition safely and conveniently, our 100 % Trading protection and 24/7 Customer support ensure it for you.