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The first World of Tanks Update of 2020 just hit

World of Tanks welcomes the first update of 2020: 1.7.1. The new version features, among other things, a trio of heavies brandishing a couple of large-caliber guns each. Here’s what you need to know before rushing to research them to take these formidable armored vehicles for a spin.

The double-barreled newcomers are all Soviet, sitting at Tiers VIII, IX, and X in an all-new branch stemming from the KV-3 at Tier VII. They are capable of firing their twin guns consecutively or in thundering salvos (the latter requiring some time to prepare).

The first in the new heavy line is IS-2-II (Level VIII). This will leave some of its unique waste of time to rebuild quickly. At level IX, players will be able to IS-3-II capable of shooting 390 points of damage in a single shot. Finally, at Level X they will produce a ST-II. It's very similar to the ST-I've already produced in the game: it's also protected and uses the same 122mm weapon that can shoot 440 damage points per standard round. The difference is that the ST-II takes two of these weapons to fight. If you are in need of Cheap WOT Gold, come to z2u.com, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online and 3% off with a coupon code “Z2U”.

“The concept of double-barreled tanks haunted many a tank engineer,” says Max Chuvalov, World of Tanks Publishing Director at Wargaming. “But due to various reasons no such project has ever been brought to life. Yet in our game you can ride these monsters into battle looking just as they would have come to be.”

In addition to the two heavy Soviet tracks, The 1.7.1 update gives tanker trucks a very useful tool: idisas kit. It allows players to separate the equipment from the car without the cost of gold. And for those who like to make their tanks look amazing, they will be able to access the new 3D styles.