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The Heavy Gunner in MapleStory 2 is a Profession that Many Players Like to Use

Small Gun Skill Fitting Recommendation
After the update of the skill adjustment version, the infinite laser enhancement is much more than the bullet flow, and there are some uses for the hell gloves. We have already changed the bullet flow to an infinite laser, and the output has been much more than the bullet. Although the operation is more complicated, it is worth it.
In terms of skill combination, if you want to play the highest output as much as possible, you can't tie the combination key all the time. This will waste a lot of blue and less lasers. Moreover, the laser must hold the direction key to control the direction at least. This operation is much more complicated than the bullet if the bullet flow combination key is used, the laser will be used to store the time, and the macro will be pressed at other times, which is definitely easier than the laser.

Attribute Selection Ideas


Specific genre selection depends on personal proficiency and is also related to specific copies. And the two do not conflict. It is best to switch according to the copy. Many people must prove that their bullets are powerful or the laser is powerful. We don't think it is necessary.
Matching Attribute Selection Ideas
Attack speed: cheap, but also let you play a copy feel good, you can choose. However, the attack rate is not high, and you can choose not to. If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to use MapleStory 2 Mesos for sale, you can get hold of us at our own web-page. 1% of the attack speed is only less than 0.6%, only Ping A laser flow is unlimited laser to enjoy the attack speed bonus, other skills are CD, and the attack speed is just to save you a little bit Put a few more flat A time.
For the current level 65 skill points, in the case of stakes, the skill output accounts for 50% (the actual hit ratio will be higher, because you need to hide the boss skills, the flat A does not last long), with the increase of skill points The rate of attack speed will be lower and lower. Under such gains, anti-wear, injury, and blasting are far superior to attack speed. However, the small artillery without the attack speed will be more cumbersome, and there are some attack speeds. It is still possible to look at the personal situation the so-called laser flow has to attack speed 120 and so on, it is totally unreasonable.
Burst: First attribute. Because the blue back effect of the blue array is almost useless, the small cannon can be said to be the lowest-paying occupation. But even so, the blast is the most profitable attribute. Because the attribute points are sufficient now, the price is very high. If you have 130 explosive drugs, the whole body is a blast, your blast can reach 390. Under such a blast, as long as the violent drugs are not saved, the blasting income is higher than the anti-wear.