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The premises with which NBA 2K21 faced the next gen were decidedly positive

The premises with which NBA 2K21 faced the next gen were decidedly positive. The greatest risk that the PlayStation 5 version could have was that of being too similar to the PlayStation 4 version. The reality of the fact is that the next gen version is certainly much richer than before. Technically, the series also takes a significant step forward, but that, however, also carries those usual defects.

Playing NBA 2K21 feels like the commute to work on a Monday morning – you know it’s going to take you along the same roads and there will be much to do upon arrival. That’s not to say what 2K has offered this year is in any way bad or unenjoyable, but like a lot of games in the competitive sports genre, much of it feels like a glorified roster update with little else to justify the upfront investment. Like its predecessors, the “authentic NBA experience” can be found in 2K21, and there is a lot for gamers to keep themselves busy within the process. When you buy a 2K sports game, typically there is enough to keep you through to the next title in 12-months time, and that is certainly the case again.

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In terms of gameplay away from The City, NBA 2K21 on PS5 feels more realistic. Players move exactly as they do in real life, and the same kind of issues you’d encounter when playing against powerhouses like Anthony Davis or quick ballhandlers like Kyrie Irving exist. The need to adapt feels more prevalent, and adapting your tactics every match is a necessity this time around. NBA 2K21 on PS5 takes into consideration the player’s speed and power, and you feel it every time. Running to the hoop and trying to get past a heavy-set centre, or trying to out-pace a solid defender like Jrue Holiday or Marcus Smart is now tougher than ever.

As with past entries, certain players have signature moves, and Visual Concepts has only added to the realism with new skills like LeBron James’ suspended dribble. It’s cool that players move or play differently depending on who they are, their position, and how they’re built. I was constantly wowed by the level of detail in every player model, from their likeness to their real-world counterparts right down to their facial expressions and dripping sweat in intense moments. NBA 2K21 is easily one of the best-looking games on the new consoles.

The gameplay of NBA 2K21 is of a good level, and at times excellence has almost been achieved. The gameplay can adapt perfectly to your needs. Whether you only want to play with your favorite player, to organize an offensive or defensive maneuver, it does not matter, the game will provide you with all the tools to be able to play as you see fit and as you like best.

With all the new additions found in NBA 2K21 on PS5, there’s a lot to love, however, there’s definitely room for improvement moving forward. One thing 2K do a fantastic job with is its post-launch content and support, so I expect to see plenty coming over the next few months. Whether they do or not, NBA 2K21 on PS5 offers the most rounded and advanced basketball experience out there, and I can’t wait to take the Boston Celtics to the play-offs.

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