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The Rocket League Summer 2019 Roadmap

Contestants have until June 8 to tweet clips created using Gif Your Game with the hashtag #Sledge3K, or by submitting the clip via Discord using the instructions in the video. The top ten submissions to the competition will win prize money, with the creator of the winning clip receiving $1,000. As the final judge of the competition, Rocket Sledge is looking for the most creative and brutal ways that you can delete your opponents from the match. He says that he'll most likely be looking for plays that lead to goals, but he's definitely open to the possibility of defensive efforts making his top ten.
Regardless of whether or not you own the Free or Premium Rocket Pass Track, you can try to complete all of the weekly challenges. If you don't own the Premium Rocket Pass Track, you can complete them, but you won't earn the rewards until you buy the Premium Track. As has been the case for a few weeks now, there is a new batch of challenges to take on this week in Rocket League. Completing a challenge will unlock you a set number of Tier Points, either three, five, or eight, to be precise. You will have until May 21 to complete all of the challenges.
While the largest prize pools still only raise about $150k, Rocket League and its developers Psyonix built in the user agreement to allow 3rd party, crowdfunded tournaments. If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to use Rocket League Boosting, you can get hold of us at our own web-page. This unique agreement allows for ticket sales but requires a no entry fee tournament. So far results have been mixed at best. The current World Champion Series for the game set in June has barely made any noise amongst the pro-gaming communities. It may also be because they are hosting the tournament in Newark, NJ in June just saying.

So it makes perfect sense why Epic would want to buy them. The two companies have worked together for nearly two decades on Epics Unreal tech and were based a mere 12 miles apart from one another in North Carolina, until Psyonix moved its office to San Diego in 2009. The two were also cross-platform partners in the push to force Sony to play nice with its competitors in the console market. And Rocket League has a robust e-sports scene that could make ample use of Epics technology and resources. Thus the smart corporate play is to perform a slow-bleed, sucking the life out of Steam users. At first, it will only be minor things, but then it will snowball into more significant incentives to drag you over to Epic Games. Psyonix has all but confirmed this would be the case.