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There are Several New Rules Patterns Have Been Added in Kick-off Mode in FIFA 19

This time the journey mode can control the protagonist Alex Hunter, Alex Hunter's half-sister Kim Hunter and Alex Hunter's friend Danny Williams, and can be with Neymar, Kevin De Braune, Di Bara and other stars have interacted, but the overall gameplay of the model has not changed compared with the previous generation. For the majority of fans, the most anticipated is the encounter with those famous stars.
With the license of the Champions League, the Super League and the addition of many new models and systems, the playability of FIFA 19 is quite good.
However, both FIFA and live have shifted their focus to the more profitable UT and MC models in recent years. The improvement of stand-alone content can be said to be lacking. It is expected that in the subsequent works, these two series will focus on improving the gaming experience of the single-player mode.
After 70 minutes, the legendary computer will enter the state of no brain rush (here I think it is the second time point of AI dynamic tactical change), do not believe that you can stand guard and hold the ball, the front computer will not be forced to grab, will Face your face, and after 70 minutes, when you take the ball, no matter what you are doing, the computer will be forced to grab it for the first time. However, because of the decline in physical strength of our players and the increase in computer AI, this stage has become the most vulnerable stage.

Playability of FIFA 19


If you don't score at this stage, we suggest you not to attack, and you can't make a penalty. Change the dynamic tactics from recycling to bus, put the bus up and defend the computer attack comprehensively. At this time, if you continue to attack, it is especially easy to lose the ball, especially easy to be killed or absolutely flat.
Maybe a lot of newcomers just started to play, they want to break the ball when they see the ball, the low-level computer ball is broken, but the legendary difficulty, you break the ball, it is very difficult, it is easy to be 2 over 1 or directly sway this and AI set It is also relevant, so you need to set the crab step (hold LT/L2) and block it in front of the computer.
If you keep the ball, he won't make a fancy, he will always take the ball. At this time, you can call the defense, or slowly get close to using the body to squeeze the ball out. If you are you looking for more about Cheap FUT 19 Coins check out our website. Never take the initiative to stretch your feet. It is the first principle of confrontation, otherwise you will be directly killed by table tennis.
Defense of the Header Needs to be Advanced
Here is a very simple little detail: when you dribble the ball on the side of the computer, leave him 1-2M, avoid him cut into the penalty area, give him a chance to pass, and then cut the cursor to the center defender when he needs to pass. On the top, the main enemy of the enemy card to catch the ball, then press A in advance, press hard.
So you almost 98% block the computer header, advance the card position, die in advance to pass the pass button, this is the essence, you played the legendary computer, we have not been headed, so I think this detail is still very important, probably a lot People don't pull the central defender in advance, and often wait until the ball is over and cut again.