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This is all of the WoW patch 9.1 content we know about so far

As part of BlizzConline 2021, Patch 9.1 was announced with a lot of fanfare and in the days and weeks that followed, the Blizzard employees gave us a lot more details in various interviews and statements. We not only know in which direction the story is moving with the first major content patch of WoW Shadowlands, but also know many details of the new Korthia area, the upcoming raid Sanctum of Dominion or the adjustments to Torghast and other existing systems. There is only one thing we still don't know: When will Patch 9.1 come to WoW's live servers? At the current status, the PTR has not even started. So we will have to wait a few more weeks.

So what exactly will we encounter as we explore the new patch? This is all of the patch 9.1 content we know about so far.

Covenant campaigns continue as we invade the Maw
There’s a lot of Covenant content in this patch. In addition to the extended campaign, Renown will increase by an additional 40 ranks, and will likely be tied to Covenant progression, just like it is now. As we advance the story, the four Covenants will unite and start bringing the fight to the Jailer in the Maw. In exchange for our aid we’ll unlock new Covenant cosmetic outfits and mounts.

Patch 9.1 will add a variety of new mounts in World of Warcraft, some more exciting than others. First off, expect Covenant-specific flying mounts, three for each of the four Covenants. Then, there will be two new mounts that can be acquired from Korthia. One of them is a fairly boring spectral horse but the other is a severed hand mount that looks absolutely amazing.

Putting the patch onto the test server would definitely help this a bit. More details on the upcoming elements like the revisions to the Maw would help, too. Right now, though, we just don’t have any of that, and judging by the silence I imagine the main reason is that everyone is still working hard to get the patch ready for the test server to help with that messaging.

Patch 9.1 is called Chains of Dominion and mainly revolves around the fact that the four pacts unite and carry the war against the jailer in his homeland, the Maw. The reason for this is primarily the open attack by the jailer on the Archon, the supreme leader of the bastion. As the intro cinematic to patch 9.1 reveals, he has turned his prisoner Anduin into a weapon of his will and attacks the Archon with this puppet. Anduin successfully returns with what the jailer calls a key. He still needs three more of them for his plans - obviously those of the other three great Shadowland empires.

Lots of group content, with a new raid, new dungeon, and new Torghast
Torghast will be getting some updates as well, with a brand new wing to climb as well as some highly desirable quality of life changes. The Tower of the Damned is also the setting for the Sanctum of Domination raid, the new 10-boss raid coming in 9.1. This raid features some old enemies — including Kel’Thuzad and the Tarragrue — and is capped off with a fight against Sylvanas Windrunner, the whole reason we’re in the Shadowlands to begin with. While we’re not fighting the Jailer yet, an assault on his major prison will not go unnoticed and will be sure to have serious repercussions down the line.

Shadowlands 9.1 Release Date
While there’s no confirmed Shadowlands 9.1 release date just yet, I think we can make a couple of educated guesses. First off, players will be able to reach Renown level 40 in the week of March 9th, so the release date of patch 9.1 won’t be until March 15th at the earliest. Judging by WoW’s previous patch timeline, though, that would be much too soon for an x.1 patch launch. We suspect the patch 9.1 release date to be set sometime around late May-early June. Perhaps even a bit later.

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