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Tumblr is a free blogging platform and hosting platform

What Is Tumblr?
Tumblr is a free blogging platform and hosting platform. It has attracted a significant number of microbloggers. You can setup a free blog with Tumblr, but the price for this is that you have to keep the brand name (Tumblr) in the URL.

Tumblr has fast become one of our favourite blogging tools, mostly due to its easy-to-use publishing system and unobtrusive social media features.

Tumblr was designed as a different format than most blogging sites, promoting short, to-the-point blogs over long form content. It also allows users to share posts, photos, quotes, links, music and videos as well as customize all aspects of their blogs. Tumblr also functions much like social media, in that users can reshare other bloggers' posts, allowing popular content to go "viral."

Tumblr is a blogging platform that makes it easy for users to post images, GIFs, videos, music, text, links, and more

    The dashboard shows all of the posts of the blogs a user follows
    Users can post from their dashboard
    A post can be commented on, liked, or reblogged
    Once a user signs up to Tumblr, they are presented with suggested blogs to follow
    Users can search for keywords in Tumblr to find blogs
    Tumblr is both a site and mobile app

One of the best aspects of Tumblr is that you can be up and running within a very short amount of time of signing up. As soon as you subscribe, you will be in the dashboard. From here you can create your first blog, or customize the look of your blog.

It only takes a few clicks and it’s fairly easy to understand. Those without any coding experience will feel at home.

The Tumblr 2.0.2 app by Android allows user management of multiple blogs, posts and message views. Users may post texts, quotes, links, photos, music or videos from a Web browser, phone, email or desktop. Tumblr is translated into seven languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, French and German.

Why should parents care?

    There are very few privacy settings. Posts are public by default and there is no way to change your posts to private on the mobile app
    Tumblr used to be full of pornographic info, now they are starting to remove it
    Some content on Tumblr promotes unhealthy and dangerous behaviors
    Since negative content is so prevalent on Tumblr, teens can start to feel like posting inappropriate content might not have any negative consequences
    There are tons of seemingly safe words that when typed into Tumblr produce explicit content

In all, it's the perfect blog system for the more concise, more media savvy poster.

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