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We still want to know when the Travis Scott skin is coming back

One of the most popular Fortnite events of all time was the Travis Scott concert, something that brought the rapper to life in the game and saw players travel to never before seen locations.

What is the Fortnite Travis Scott skin?
The Travis Scott skin is a character reskin in Fortnite that looks just like the rapper of the same name.

It was added in April last year as part of the Astronomical in-game event.Scott premiered his new track at the time, as part of an "other-world experience" for players.And the Travis Scott skin was just one of the items available in-game to promote the event.

Is Travis Scott coming back to 'Fortnite'?
Unfortunately, there is no concrete information concerning the return of Travis Scott to Fortnite this year.

Several rumors have been circulating, stoking fans' hopes of the artist's skin returning to the Item Store or possibly even a second in-game concert. Earlier this month on Feb. 5, credible Fortnite informant, HYPEX, published a tweet stating that Scott might return on Feb. 10, "because that's considered the Travis Scott Day in some places!"

Well, Hypex's "*MIGHT*" leak ended up proving true...when it came to the "might" part, and that's because Travis Scott's skin didn't actually return to the game's store. While people were upset, there clearly is a demand to bring the artist back to the game, as the first event was a huge success and people all over the world logged in to witness it.

When Will Travis Scott Come Back?
Icon Series skins are usually pretty rare, but they do come back to the shop every now and then.

We’ve seen Ninja’s skin come back to the shop a few times now, so anybody who wants to pick up that skin has had many opportunities to do so.

Even though Epic Games hasn't made an official announcement, fans still want to know when the Travis Scott skin is coming back.

If you're a big fan of Scott, then we've got some bad news for you: Epic Games hasn't officially announced when or if he's going to return. It could very well be that the first event with the singer that took place on April 23 through the 25 of 2020 could be the last.

However, seeing as there seems to be a huge demand online for the Travis Scott skin to return, it's hard to imagine that another event or some type of collaboration won't be planned for the future.

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