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World of Warcraft Classic just got its first big update

WoW Classic just got its first big update, and it's bringing back the Dire Maul dungeon and epic mount quests for the Paladin and Warlock classes. Dire Maul is an expansive, complex dungeon for level 54-60 players separated into three wings containing numerous quests and a ton of good loot.

Just like the old days, Dire Maul's East wing is available right off the bat to both Horde and Alliance players level 54 and above, while the North and West wings become accessible once you manage to hunt down and defeat Pusillin in the East Wing and obtain Crescent Keys. Additionally, a rogue with the right lockpicking skill, a Large Seaforium Charge explosive, and a Truesilver Skeleton Key can all be used to gain access to the full Dire Maul dungeon. Reaching King Gordok’s room to fight the big baddie will require the Gordok Inner Door Key, which you can loot off of Guard Mol’dar in the Gor’dok Commons.  If you are in need of cheap wow gold classic, come to 5mmo.com, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online and 3% off with a coupon code “5MMO”.

The new update also adds epic mounts for warlocks and paladins starting at level 60. Warlocks will have the chance to complete quests for the Dreadsteed of Xoroth epic mount, while paladins can earn the Charger epic mount. Whatever your class, Dire Maul has a lot going on to keep you occupied and solid-enough loot and other rewards to make your time worthwhile.

And now it’s all of those things once more in World of Warcraft Classic. Along with all of that old dire content, today’s update also adds quests for epic Paladin and Warlock mounts, so expect players of those two classes to be even more insufferable for a bit.

Best of all, the addition of Dire Maul to World of Warcraft Classic means the Alliance side can stop arguing about whether “DM” means Deadmines or Dire Maul in Westfall general chat. Or perhaps the arguing will only get stronger. We’ll see.