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WoW Classic: Calling Farms with the Hydraxians

World of Warcraft Classic is modeled after the original WoW for the patch 1.12, but some features are not completely included yet. That's because WoW Classic goes through several stages that bring different new content and rewards. This also means that many endgame factions that already exist in the game offer only a fraction of their rewards.

The WoW community (buy now for € 12.99) has always been bickering over the question of whether - in the days of Vanilla WoW - everything was better than in WoW Battle for Azeroth. Because personal taste and nostalgic transfiguration always play a role, the release of WoW Classic will probably never answer that question.

Which fractions are affected? First and foremost it concerns the two fractions "Timbermaw" and "Argent Dawn". Both actually offer a variety of powerful recipes and rewards that are not currently available in the game. You unlock them via the Call system, which in Classic is primarily connected to massive farms and Grinden of opponents.

Namely, the Hydraxian faction does not offer any special rewards - unusual for today's WoW players - if you earn an awesome reputation with them. Instead, the Hydraxians symbolize the gating "of yesteryear".

Currently, relatively little is going on in the corresponding farm areas (Felwood, Winterspring, Plaguelands). This makes farming easy. It is expected that these areas will be significantly fuller and "overfarmed" as soon as the rewards are unlocked.

You see, the Hydraxian Rufgrind is a bit of a hassle - but it was then in Vanilla WoW and now in WoW Classic, at least for those players who did not want to miss the Molten Core and Ragnaros animal sets .

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