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WOW Classic Leveling Guide Horde: Vanilla WOW 1-20 Grinding Guide Horde

How to upgrade WOW Classic Horde, World of Warcraft Classic was also launched on August 27th, I believe there are many friends who have already experienced it. Next, let’s take a look at Horde’s leveling guide.
WOW Classic Leveling Guide Horde
Levels 1 – 10
You don’t have many options when it comes to the first few levels as each race has its own starting zone meant for 1-5 leveling. Still, Orc and Troll players might use the zeppelin to get to Deathknell (Tirisfal Glades), while Undead players might use the same transport to reach Durotar.
Tirisfal Glades(Undead)
Stay in Deathknell until you reach level 5
Then transition to Brill and keep questing until you hit level 10
Main quest hubs – Brill and Deathknell
Durotar(Orcs & Trolls)
Remain at the Valley of Trials (Orc) or Echo Isles (Troll) until you hit level 5
Head over to Razor Hill and stay in Durotar until level 10
Main quest hubs – Razor Hill, the Valley of Trials, Orgrimmar, and Sen’jin Village
Quest at Red Cloud Mesa until level 5
Go to Bloodhoof Village and keep leveling until you reach level 10
Main quest hubs – Bloodhoof Village, Camp Narache, and Thunder Bluff
Levels 10 – 20
In the 10-20 level range, a few more zones become accessible. Overall The Barrens is considered the optimal zone for all Horde races to level in due to its large level range, high quantity of quests, and relative safety (as it is still considered Horde territory). Stonetalon Mountains is also accessible once players reach level 16-20.
The Barrens(Horde territory)
The Barrens is a level 10-33 zone in central Kalimdor. Most of the quests will originate from Far Watch Post, Ratchet, The Crossroads, and Camp Taurajo.
Transit: Flight paths are located in The Crossroads, Ratchet, and Camp Taurajo.
Terrain: The terrain of The Barrens can be described as a savanna plain with some small mountains throughout the zone. Overall, navigating and traversing The Barrens is relatively easy.
Mob Density: Mobs tend to be spread out, although in some areas the mob density dramatically increases (Thorn Hill, The Forgotten Pools, etc). Avoid traveling past Camp Taurajo until closer to level 20.
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