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WoW Classic proves: The leveling process can actually be fun

WoW Classic is currently celebrating a successful comeback, while the genre of MMORPGs is experiencing a fresh upswing. For years our author Paul Herzog thought that the maximum level was the "highest of feelings" - but now he asks himself a completely different question: "Do we have to get to level 60 as fast as possible?"

For years, one could hear the call from the community, now he was heard: The WoW Classic Community (now for 12.99 € buy) of the many popular private servers is finally replaced by the official Classic server an authentic reconstruction. But as shown by the numerous connected servers and ongoing queues: Classic fascinates not only the nostalgic WoW players, but also MMORPG fans worldwide.

The genre is currently undergoing a revival, as it were a phoenix from the ashes. But what really fascinates about WoW Classic? How can a 15-year-old MMORPG capture more players in 2019 than the current WoW retail? In our last buffedcast # 524, Philipp has made a very exciting statement, in my opinion: "Classic is a role-playing game that is also playable online." And with that he hits the nail Murloc on the head.

In a role-playing game, I assume the role of my (in this case) fictional character, build an emotional bond and develop it (or me) on. In the course of time, I transform myself from a little peon, who lives lazily into the day, to a chivalrous savior of Azeroth - celebrated by friends, feared by enemies.

But this transformation lasts and every stage I climb contributes to this. This is where the role-playing facet Classics comes in, which is the engine of immersion. Over time, I get into a "flow state", which plays an important role in game research.

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