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WoW launched its newest expansion, Shadowlands, on Nov.23

WOW Classic Gold After being briefly delayed by Blizzard World of Warcraft launched its newest expansion Shadowlands on Nov. 23. Shadowlands may have only just gone live but that hasn't stopped reviewers from contributing their thoughts about the newest expansion in the WoW franchise. As explained on its official page Shadowlands has a brand new story challenging players to "brave the beyond" and save all of reality from destruction.

One of the biggest changes in the new expansion is a level squish as Blizzard looks to shake things up for players and bring a more meaningful sense of advancement.

Players will be able to quest through four new zones ruled by ancient and powerful Covenants as they level up but won’t be able to join a Covenant until they reach the max level of 60.

WOW Shadowlands

If you're anything like me your bags are probably a mess. But when Shadowlands launches and you're racing to level 60 the last thing you want to do is stop and waste time sorting out bag space when you could be questing.

Several North American and European servers are difficult to access requiring players to queue up to several hours and once in play these same players experience lag and disconnections.

The studio delayed the rollout of Shadowlands from October 26th to improve the endgame and polish up the expansion as a whole. To whet your appetite a bit more WOW Classic US Gold a pre-launch warm-up event starts on November 10th in which you can take on “a flood of the Scourge.” Blizzard also revealed that season one of Shadowlands starts on December 8th. The expansion’s first raid Castle Nathria will be available on that date.

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